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This is a community dedicated to the angels and fallen angels from the CW's show SUPERNATURAL. Characters such as Castiel, Lucifer, Anna, Zachariah, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel are the main point of view here with the appearances of the Winchester boys and the rest of the cast, but also the characters from the other fandoms. Community hosts discussions, fanfiction, fanart and any other fan works you can think of!
Your mods are caz2y5. You can contact us via pm if you need anything!

1. All pairing allowed meaning both male and fem slash! No bashing the pairings.
2. You are to respect the authors and their work and don't steal anything! There is a community that helps you deal with plagiarism stop_plagiarism where you can report the stolen work.
3. You need to be given permission by a mod to advertise a community or an event. All not approved adverts and announcements will be erased.
4. Fan work needs to be properly tagged and marked. NSFW and NC/17 tags have to be visible.
5. ALL SPOILERS HAVE TO BE PUT UNDER A CUT! The definition of a spoiler is any information, pictures or discussions about the not yet aired episodes in USA or those which were aired a week before.
6. The stories and related fan work has to host at least ONE angel from the SPN fandom.
7. fallen!Cas is allowed as well as fallen!Anna, but no human!Cas and human!Anna allowed. Unless it's a fic that is about the falling of an angel and begins with an angel.
8. Original characters and crossover characters allowed in the SPN fandom.
9. Please remember to tag all of your posts! All author tags will be added by the mod so you can use them later for your posts. See the list of tags
10. Behave proper and don’t bash the work of the authors or anybody else’s opinion! We are all here fans of SPN and we want to spread the love and support for our dear show!

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All those who wish to affiliate with us please visit this post or contact one of the staff directly. Or simply send us an email at carolyn.blythe@gmail.com

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